Mystery murder show live in Dublin

Whodunit fans of CSI:Miami and CSI:New York will be happy to learn that an interactive version of the popular TV crime series is running at the Ambassador theatre in Dublin from this weekend until December.
Visitors aged ten and over to CSI: The Experience can ‘investigate’ a crime scene for €18 or try and solve all three crimes for €50. EMS Exhibits have made cutting edge technology available for fingerprinting, DNA sampling, toxicology, ballistics and dental records examinations.
One of the scenes involves the body of a model found in a motel car park. The second is of a man found slumped in the driver’s seat of a car which crashed into a house. In the third scene, a human skull and bones are found in the desert. Was it murder or just a misguided tourist?
The CSI interactive show starts in a week when a TV presenter in Brazil stands accused by police of killing off drug traffickers and filming the action to boost his Canal Livre show’s ratings. Former police officer Wallace Souza also faces separate charges of drug trafficking and gang involvement.
But the fact that Souza is a state legislator in the Amazonian jungle city of Manaus, he is currently immune from prosecution in Brazil.

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