Netflix subs now around 550,000

The number of  paid subscribers to Netflix in Ireland may now be as many as 550,000, a new report by Core indicates. Netflix does not release official sub figures by market. An estimated 63 per cent of Irish people now have access to the streamed service, although the study does not include households that ‘piggyback’ on other paying subscribers.

The number of people who have dual VOD subscriptions is far more modest. Those who have signed up to Netflix plus Amazon Prime Video is 25 per cent, while 19 per cent are paying for both Netflix and Disney+ and 14 per cent are going with Netflix and Sky’s Now. Just 10 per cent subscribe to Netflix plus Apple and Netflix, Amazon and Disney+.

The rate that Irish people subscribe to all four services is put at five per cent.

The survey was based on interviews Core did with 1,000 adults.

See the full report at

Above, Jason Bateman in Netflix’s popular high drama mini-series Ozark


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