Nurofen seeks relief with long lasting ads

When devising the new out of home (OOH) campaign for the launch of Nurofen Long Lasting, the idea emerged that longer pain relief requires a longer poster. So the brand organised a takeover of the 240 sheets in Ranelagh and Terenure. Comprising five 48 sheets the 30-metre-wide displays involved a special extended build showing capsules’  12-hour relief.

Nurofen provides pain relief from symptoms such as migraine, headache and rheumatic pain to help people get on with their day. Reckitt developed the new Nurofen capsules to bring a controlled release of ibuprofen, with relief for up to 12 hours. The campaign launch coincided with this year’s Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin and the Cork City Marathon.

Planned by Zenith and PML, the wider campaign runs on 48 sheets, digital bridges, Transvisions in major stations, bus shelters, purchase points and T-Sides. Pictured beside one of the Nurofen Long Lasting posters are Chris Collins, JCDecaux; Scott Margetson and Johnny Ross, Zenith; Orla Patton and Pat Cassidy, PML Group and Peter Mulvihill, Reckitt.

PML Group’s ‘Special Effects’ research study last year showed how compelling the case is for including special builds in OOH campaigns. It was found that 78 per cent of respondents agree specials make a brand seem innovative, 68 per cent are likely to tell others about good specials they have seen, while 64 per cent are likely to use the brand advertised in the future.

Also, 44 per cent of 16-24s are likely to post on social media about a special they have seen.



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