One in three consumers see Budget benefits

Dael Wood, Carat

Almost on in three Irish consumers believe that the recent Budget will have a positive impact on their personal finances and just one in 20 think they will be worse off as a result of the Government measures. But a majority 64 per cent do not think too much will change, the latest Carat Pulse survey conducted online by iReach Market Research indicates.

Men favour the Government more as a direct result of the Budget, with a 31 per cent voting yes as against 18 per cent for women. The 18-34 year old cohort shows the most positive sentiment when compared to older demographics. Not surprisingly, the health sector is where most people would have preferred more resources to be allocated.

TV and newspapers websites were the main sources of information for both top level information and more in-depth analysis, Carat’s Dael Wood, pictured, says. TV scored 45 per cent on top level and 32 per cent on in-depth analysis. Newspaper websites scored 37 per cent and 24 per cent and radio 34 per cent and 22 per cent respectively.


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