PJ Gallagher takes breakfast role at Classic Hits 4FM

PJ Gallagher

Comedian PJ Gallagher and veteran music DJ Damian Farrelly will co-present the new breakfast show on Classic Hits 4FM. PJ and Damian in the Morning gets underway from 6am next Monday. Gallagher (pictured) is probably best known for his work as a successful stand-up comedian and for his contribution to the Naked Camera series for RTE. He’s no stranger to radio, having contributed to various station shows down the years.

Gallagher said that while he is not really looking forward to the the early starts, he says he is excited about getting two bacon, two rashers, two sausages, two eggs and ketchup every morning as it was a major sticking point in the contract negotiations. Farrelly says he’s more of a granola man himself (nothing to do with his wife’s advice) but is always open to new challenges and looks forward to keeping PJ in shape on and off the air.

Farrelly joined 4FM this year having spent 14 years with RTE 2FM.


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