PML marks 40 years with 4T campaign

PML Group has marked four decades in business by running their own national out of home campaign across various formats and sites. The 4T initiative was developed in-house by PML Create design team deploying the group’s Mind, campaign planning and audience optimisation, Maps, along with the specialist’s inventory and audience visualisation tool.

The agency’s Innovate team built the 4T mobile platform and game. Content was dynamically adserved and verified across multiple digital networks, through Liveposter, PML Group’s DOOH platform. Finally, post-campaign results were measured using attribution analysis and independent research through Ipsos. 4T’s aim is to highlight the power of OOH.

The campaign speaks to the scale and impact of classic OOH, its ability to create awareness, pique interest and drive response. It embraces the flexibility and relevance of dynamic digital OOH and sets out to show how OOH is the original and ultimate brand builder that is intrinsically linked with mobile and behavioural change.

Geoff Lyons, CEO, PML Group, said that they plan to share the campaign outcomes using online engagement analytics and post-campaign survey data. “It’s said that life begins at 40,” Lyons remarked. “OOH media has an exciting path ahead but in marking this time for our business we must acknowledge and thank all our clients for their incredible support.”

Lyons also thanked all of PML’s suppliers.

“And, of course, to our own team, past and present,” Lyons added, “all of whom have dedicated themselves to creating great outdoor advertising. PML Group is relentless in its pursuit of excellence for our clients. This focus is grounded in the enduring impact of Jimmy Cashen and Gerry O’Donoghue, the architects of our business 40 years ago.

“We’re proud to carry the baton into the exciting future for out of home,” Lyons added.

Geoff Lyons, CEO, PML Group, is pictured with the group’s co-founder Jimmy Cashen  

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