PML say consumers plan to change providers

More than one in five Dublin households intend to change broadband and energy providers over the next six months, new research by Ipsos MRBI for PML Group indicates. The Big Switch study was conducted among 300 16–54-year-olds in the capital. It suggests that as we emerge from the pandemic consumers want to shop around for certain products and services.

The study coincides with forecasts of wide-ranging increases in energy costs this winter.

The report says that 22 per cent of Dubliners intend to change broadband provider, rising to 26 per cent among 25-34s. People living in south Dublin are most likely to change provider, at 39 per cent. In contrast, those living on the  northside seem more content, with 22 per cent changing – data that is highly relevant to category brands advertising on out of home (OOH).

Intentions to switch gas and electricity suppliers stands at 23 per cent and peaks at 32 per cent among 35-44 year olds. Highest group is females 35-44, at 39 per cent. ABC1s are more likely to be shopping for energy versus C2DEs (30 per cent v 15 per cent). Again, southsiders are more likely to switch providers at 28 per cent versus 18 per cent for northsiders.

Nine per cent of respondents will apply for a mortgage soon; 15 per cent among 25-34s. For those with kids under 15 in their household the figure is 13 per cent, dropping to six per cent for those without kids. PML Group’s Posterwatch service indicates that EBS, Bank of Ireland, ICS, AIB and Which Mortgage have been active on OOH with mortgage campaigns in 2021.

The Big Switch study was conducted independently by Ipsos MRBI for PML Group.

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