Publicis shares VHI’s latest story

Publicis Dublin has launched its latest VHI Healthcare testimonial campaign featuring Cristín and Alex across TV, VOD, radio and digital audio. The campaign follows the now familiar storytelling approach, using a series of  testimonials from real customers and animation produced by Piranha Bar, all of which have delivered high levels of brand awareness.

The latest instalment tells the story of Cristín and her husband who noticed their baby son Alex was missing development milestones. After a call to the VHI Paediatric Clinic, a path was laid out for Alex’s journey through treatment and diagnosis. The clinic offers speedy access to a paediatric consultant and is a key bonus for families signed up to VHI.

Carol Lambert of Publicis Dublin said particular attention was paid in the creative process to understanding Alex’s movement. “We watched videos of him as a baby and as a toddler, then applied that to how we animated his character. We also spent a lot of time on close up facial expressions to capture the special bond he has with his family. Every decision on the detail of lighting, camera angles, backgrounds and props plays a role in this story,” Lambert added.

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