Rebel mum viral wins Sqeez student prize

An ad for Sqeez orange juice showing the reaction of a mother awakened in the middle of the night by a baby anxious to be fed has won Anthony O’Keeffe the inaugural Sqeez Viral competition sponsored by Batchelors for DIT students of advertising.
The viral shows a mother whose sleep is disturbed by a crying baby. She goes downstairs to get the child a bottle and takes a Sqeez pack out of the fridge. Returning upstairs, she stops in the landing and takes a swig of orange juice.
Refreshed, she shouts at the man to “get up, you lazy f…k, now it’s your turn!” She returns to bed and goes to sleep. The endline reads: “Sqeez, Love Every Drop”. The viral is on YouTube under the tag ‘Sqeez baby ad’.
The Sqeez viral competition saw Dan O’Neill commended for graphics and the group entry made by his DIT colleagues, Neil Saul, Sebastian McLaughlin and Michelle Sheehy, commended for creativity.

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