Rothco report points to consumer shift

A new report from Accenture Interactive’s Rothco agency points to how the scale of disruption, the level of cultural and societal change that has taken place over the last two years is underestimated by brand owners. The report, called ‘Anarchists in Slippers’, explores the awakening anarchy that people are experiencing’ in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It showcases a distinct change in consumer habits that has seen a move towards experience. The report’s refers to this unconventional uprising within marketing: “Not the hobnail boots and declamatory protest kind of anarchy; more slippers and meaningful conversations. But it’s still anarchy, overthrowing a lot of things that went before.”


The change in consumer habits has seen a shift from materialism to making memories, particularly among younger consumers. Inevitably, the preference for experience accelerated during the pandemic, with high levels of financial fragility, which, in turn, fuels transformative spending – purchases that make someone a better person, not simply better off.

Companies and brands that recognise this ‘new sense of community’ benefit from the shift in consumer behaviour. A quiet kind of anarchy is underway, with sustainability and eco-friendly behaviours to the fore. Emma Sharkey, creative director, Rothco, said societal disruption has spawned a new type of consumer and the last thing he or she wants is to consume.


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