Ryanair makes bags price rises of note

Ryanair has compounded its image as a no-frills airline by announcing a 50 per cent increase in the cost of checking in a bag and a 250 per cent hike in its charge for putting a second bag in the plane’s baggage hold from the start of next month.
Passengers checking in one bag online will pay €15 per flight from October 1st. A bag checked in at the airport will rise from €20 to €30, with the carrier doubling the check-in baggage allowance to two bags of up to 15kg each.
The cost of checking in a second bag online with Ryanair will rise from €20 to €35 per flight and – wait for it – €20 to €70 for a bag checked in at the airport. The sports equipment fees are each going up by €10.
Defending the move, Ryanair said that people can avoid check-in baggage fees by flying with hand luggage only. The Consumers Association of Ireland said the increases “beggared belief”.

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