Since you ask with Stephen Jackson, PTSB


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Stephen Jackson, head of customer and marketing, PTSB








Eir ‘For All’ 

‘For All’ is Eir’s new advertising campaign to mark the first major overall of the brand in almost ten years. It’s a big brand campaign that aims to reposition Eir as a progressive and purposeful Irish organisation that is there for, and cares for, all in society. The ad is beautifully shot, capturing dramatic and panoramic scenes from across the Irish countryside, coastal cliff edges and city landscapes.

The storytelling is very powerful and emotional. It looks to reflect a proud Irish heritage and connect all parts of modern society, in all parts of Ireland. They have cleverly woven in their sponsorship and community partnerships to reinforce the diversity of their customers and their proposition. The story ends, as it should, with a very ambitious customer promise ‘For All’… a statement of intent and I look forward to seeing Eir back it up.








Lexus LBX ‘It’s Your World, Make it Extraordinary’

Full disclosure, I’m a huge fan of Lexus and worked with the brand a long time ago. The new Lexus LBX is the latest and smallest edition to the brands hybrid range of cars. While the advertising campaign works across the existing Lexus ‘Experience Amazing’ brand platform, it is clearly trying to appeal to a younger audience than the brand normally would. The ad is beautifully produced, sophisticated and moody in tone.

It draws us into the world of the twenty-something customer showcasing the muscular and powerful lines of the car with highly appealing personalised features to make the driving experience their own. The overall sense of premium casual and modernity captures the essence of Lexus nicely, while effectively engaging and appealing to a new and younger audience by tapping into their world and desire for empowerment.







Dunnes Stores ‘Simply Better Irish Producers’

Dunnes Stores ‘Simply Better’ own label has been around for over ten years and has built a reputation for award-winning food and drink. It’s an effective platform for the multiple to distinguish itself from its competitors, promote its premium grocery range and support quality Irish producers. The latest instalment of their ‘Simply Better’ advertising showcases their partnership with Irish producers delivering the highest quality food.

The ad captures rich footage of Irish produce from field to fork, giving the audience a good sense of the range of Irish artisan food available on the shelves. And, the distinctive and elegant ‘Simply Better’ branding and voice-over from celebrity Irish chef Nevin Maguire provides a warm reassurance of high quality and value… I’m off to the Dunnes! Nice work by three brands that are trying to make a difference… since you ask.

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