Sky tests new tool with Maxi Zoo

Sky Media has launched Viewing Passions, a new targeting tool using Sky’s first party data to create audiences based on viewing to a particular show or channel genre. From home improvement enthusiasts to movie buffs, from horse racing fans to food lovers, Sky Media identifies the heaviest viewing cohorts to any channel, programme or genre, thereby allowing advertisers to target these audience segments when they are viewing Sky content.

Sky Media partnered with GroupM to run a test campaign for Maxi Zoo across June and July, reaching households that have historically watched pet and veterinary content across all TV channels. Leanna Kierans, sales controller, Sky Media says they were delighted to target viewers known to be watchers of pet-related content. It allowed Maxi Zoo to reach a relevant audience when they were watching other TV content on Sky channels.

Laura Duignam, account director, Mindshare Ireland, said the agency worked with Sky to deliver a contextually relevant campaign for Maxi Zoo.  “The campaign delivered in full with a strong and  unique reach of our target audience,” Duignam added. Anthony Cremin, head of marketing at Maxi Zoo, said they they were always looking at different and new ways to target current and potential new customers using advanced tech.


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