Sport Ireland urges over 45s to exercise

Sport Ireland’s Your Personal Best Month runs throughout November and is aimed at getting men over 45 more physically active. The project urges men to stop making excuses and to engage in 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five days a week. The campaign is supported by Cycling Ireland, Athletics Ireland, Get Ireland Walking and Swim Ireland.

As well as these sports bodies, the campaign is also being supported by the nationwide network of Local Sport Partnerships providing practical support on the ground. The roadside focused OOH campaign planned by Ceede Media and PML is running on 48 sheet billboards, Europanels, Metropoles and Adshel/bus shelter 6 Sheets.

Sport Ireland CEO John Treacy said people can exercise and be physically active during Level 5 restrictions. “We’d encourage everyone to do so for their own wellbeing, but we also ask that people respect the guidelines and exercise within 5km of their home and if they are exercising with others to maintain 2m social distancing,” Treacy added.

Professor Niall Moyna of DCU said health related problems due to lack of physical activity continue to rise in Ireland and it is a major concern. “We know that people who come from lower socio-economic backgrounds are at much higher risk of developing these health problems and education and access to employment all play their part,” Moyna said.

“People underestimate the importance of those determinants and how they impact on our health. I would stress to anyone though, that it’s never too late to reset. We want people to set realistic goals, not something that’s unsustainable. Just 30 minutes a day; 15 minutes from your front door and 15 minutes back, five days a week,” he added.

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