Study points to digital’s impact on poster market

Exterion Media and PML Group have launched Digital Effect 2 : the New Normal, a study that explores digital out of home (DOOH) advertising and its impact on brand perception from a consumer perspective.  The study combines the views of advertisers and consumers and explores the best opportunities that create impact and engage with audiences.

The study found that digital is transforming each and every aspect of society which, in turn, has changed consumer behaviour. Consumers now expect more from brand communications and these expectations extend to the OOH sector. Digital Effect 2 explored how the choice of digital OOH content format is key in making the most from marketing communications.

Spark MR were commissioned by Exterion Media and PML Group to undertake the consumer aspect of the study.  A bespoke methodology was employed using a combination of qualitative and quantitative.   Mobile focus groups, using live stimulus and recording devices, were set tasks to gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour from exposure to ads.

Digital Effect 2 is the second time that two leading OOH companies have collaborated on a research study and follows on from ‘Digital Effect: Activating the Irish Shopper’ in 2012. DOOH now represents 15 per cent of the total OOH market. Most DOOH networks in Ireland are located in commuter and retail environments giving advertisers.

Antoinette O’Callaghan, marketing manager, Exterion Media said partnerships and collaborations are an important part of our culture as they help us build strong relationships and develop better business.  The insights delivered in DE2 provide a greater understanding of how the audiences consume DOOH and the role that they play in the marketing mix.

Colum Harmon, marketing director, PML Group, said that by placing emphasis on both the end consumer and the advertising industry executive, Digital Effect 2 gives a road map to a new best practice for DOOH advertising in Ireland. “Our clients’ future campaigns in this digital space will benefit greatly from these insights,” Harmon added.

Pictured above are Colin Leahy, Exterion Media, Geoff Lyons, PML Group, Antoinette O’Callaghan, Exterion Media, Nicola Tougher, Spark, Colum Harmon, PML Group

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