Study highlights notice paid to TV ads

A study by Amplified Intelligence, Red C Research and TAM Ireland on the attention paid to ads broadcast on linear television and video on demand (VoD) concludes that 62 per cent of Irish viewers engage regularly with commercial and ads on TV increase likelihood to buy by 30 per cent. Dr Karen Nelson-Field, CEO and founder of attention measurement agency Amplified Intelligence, presented the findings at an industry event hosted by TAM.

Encompassing a 200-strong panel of Irish viewers and 13,000 ad views, the study measured live engagement with creative from three major brands, including AIB and Irish Life, over linear TV, as well as VoD ads shown on TV and mobile screens. Using Amplified Intelligence’s eye-tracking and gaze detection technology, in-the-moment viewing was measured to achieve a refined understanding of active, passive, and non-attention by audiences.

Study’s key takeaways:

  • Six in ten viewers are engaged: A sizeable 62 per cent of viewers consistently engage with ads at some level; paying either active or passive attention, which is directly related to the quality of content across the TV network.
  • Advertising on TV increases likelihood to buy by 30 per cent: When advertising on linear TV and BVOD, brands were 30 per cent more likely to be chosen in a buying situation. Purchase probability is particularly high in key categories such as finance and healthcare, with each seeing increases of 68 per cent and 21 per cent respectively.
  • Ads captivate attention for longer: Attention duration among viewers exceeds other markets; ranking at 300 per cent higher than global Amplified Intelligence benchmarks for linear TV and BVOD, suggesting a reduced level of attention decay.

Dr Nelson-Field said an accurate understanding of attention is critical to the future of media and advertising. “We hope this data will encourage advertisers and agencies to re-evaluate their campaign strategies, and also serve as proof of concept that TV is still a valuable sector for ad spend.” The results were based on data collected from an opted-in panel of 200 homes, recruited by Red C, assessing more than 13,000 ad views..

Amplified Intelligence is a global specialist in the development of human attention metrics for promoting success in advertising. The company deploys AI-powered tech and research to help advertisers run more efficient campaigns. The company, which has close ties with Red C, was founded in Adelaide in 2017 by Dr Nelson-Field. Clients include Dentsu, IPG, OMG, Publicis, WPP, Deutsche Telekom, Mars, Meta, PepsiCo, Shell, Spotify and Yahoo.

Dr Karen Nelson-Field (right) is pictured with Jill McGrath, CEO, TAM Ireland 


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