Three in four Irish people feel loved

This Valentine’s Day, how do Irish people feel about their relationships? Why is it that Irish women rather than Irish men are more satisfied with their romantic/sex life? Ipsos B&A reports that on average, three-quarters globally say they feel loved. The figure is highest in Colombia and Peru (both 86 per cent) and lowest in Japan (51 per cent). Ireland has mid-table respectability with 76 per cent at least somewhat satisfied with feeling loved.

However, unlike with most other countries, more Irish women feel loved than men. The study also finds that while 62 per cent globally are satisfied with their romantic or sex lives. The figure rises to 66 per cent of Irish women compared to only 56 per cent of Irish men. The study also highlighted generational differences, with millennials leading global satisfaction levels in their romantic and sexual lives, with arating of 67 per cent.


Kieran O’Leary (above), director, Ipsos B&A, said that it was positive to see that love and marriage do indeed go together, with higher levels of love, romance and sex satisfaction among those who are wed. The results come from a 31-country survey conducted by Ipsos on its Global Advisor online platform. The between December 22 2023 and January 5 2024. For this survey, Ipsos interviewed a total of 24,269 adults, including 500 in Ireland.


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