TPH supports Goal campaign for Gaza

The Public House (TPH) has created a pro bono campaign for Goal highlighting the inhumane conditions Palestinians face in war torn Gaza. Imminent famine, widespread disease, dehydration and escalating violence has created a catastrophic situation for more than two million people living in the strip. Despite the horrific scenes shown on news reports everyday, the world can become desensitised to the horror unfolding in Palestine. 

The advertising agency worked with the Goal humanitarian response NGO on developing an idea that would both maintain and raise awareness of the intolerable situation in Gaza, and raise funds to help the people trapped there. Funds raised by Goal go directly to support communities in Gaza with the help of its local partner Taawon. The aid and assistance is directed towards both short-term needs and longer-term recovery.

The 30-second radio ad is predicated on the knowledge that unborn babies can begin to hear sounds outside the womb at 18 weeks. With 180 children being born in Gaza every day, the spot takes listeners inside a pregnant mother’s womb hearing a grim preview of the environment into which they are about to be born. Over 60 per cent of people say they react having heard an ad on radio – an important consideration for an NGO.

Will Farrell at Blast Audio and VO actress Ali White also worked pro bono.

Photo: A Palestinian man carries a child victim of Israeli strikes on houses in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. Credit – Reuters/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

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