Virgin campaign focuses on fun

Virgin Media has rolled out a new integrated marketing campaign called ‘It’s Playtime’ highlighting all the things that Virgin Media customers can do with the power of their services, connecting to the things they love to do and unleashing their play. Virgin broadband and mobile services can help release them from the endless grind of being online 24/7.

Research uncovered the insight that often the serious side of life can get in the way of enjoying other everyday experiences. The campaign was created by Publicis Dublin and includes a 40-second TV commercial directed by Chris Balmond and produced locally by Antidote Films. It features toys in a box that have, quite literally, forgotten how to play.

The soundtrack features the Cameo song ‘Word Up’.

The toys are not action figures, they represent all of us who have become trapped in the everyday grind. By using Virgin Media services, they can break free from boredom and get back to what they love – everything from scrolling through social media to bungee jumping. With media by OMD, the campaign runs across AV, OOH, radio, digital and social.

Paul Higgins, vice president of commercial at Virgin Media, said the campaign was a culmination of over 12 months of research, development and creative work with Publicis. Ger Roe, board creative director, Publicis, said that being connected 24/7 can be more of a hindrance than a release so we wanted to turn our phones and TVs back from tools into toys.

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