Virgin’s ‘It’s Playtime’ sequel rolled out

Publicis Dublin has launched a second campaign for Virgin Media’s ‘It’s Playtime’ platform. Building on last year’s ‘Toys’ creative, the campaign celebrates how the brand can empower its customers to unleash their play, in whatever way they choose. The ads urge consumers to break free from life’s dullness by homing in on two characters with the most boring job imaginable: being a mannequin in a shop front.

In much the same way as we can feel trapped in the mundane, it’s even worse for a mannequin; stuck in a glass case of tedium while modelling smart-casual business wear. With the help of Virgin Media, they’re freed from their rigid ways to seek out their own play. Ger Roe of Publicis said the challenge was to follow on from ‘Toys’ with an execution that would be as authentic as possible. It was done by bringing mannequins to life.

The screen ad was directed by the Biceps duo and produced by Outsider.

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