Volunteers offered lifetime adventure

Calcutta Street Children

Two people are being offered the chance to spend a year globetrotting, all expenses paid, as part of a new RTE TV series. The winners of Do the Right Thing will work as volunteers in some the world’s most underdeveloped areas, on aid projects such as building schools in Africa and working with orphaned street children in Calcutta.

There will be wildlife adventures along the way too, like protecting endangered turtles which nest on beaches in Costa Rica. Anyone interested in signing up to take part in the series must be 18 and available from the end of July. They will undergo eight weeks of tests of leadership, mental suitability and physical fitness.

Do the Right Thing will air this autumn on RTÉ Television. The series will focus on overseas aid organisations and the volunteers who work on the frontline of global development. The number of Irish people volunteering has been increasing every year, with 3,000 people volunteering abroad last year alone.

To apply for Do the Right Thing, log on to www.rte.ie/tv/dotherightthing

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