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As our regular readers will know, Marketing Magazine has been established in the world of print for almost two decades. The blog is our entry into the world of social online media, and we’re very much looking forward to connecting with old friends and making new ones.

This is our first post of many, covering all things marketing in Ireland and the wider world. It’s a challenging time for markets generally, and social media have an important role to play in stimulating the conversation. We’ll be exploring this theme in depth over future posts. We’ll also be hosting guest bloggers from the world of Irish marketing, advertising and PR.

Keeping up with us is easy. Use iGoogle to Bookmark the site, because we intend to bring you frequent updates, breaking news, interesting links and plenty of opinion from the world of marketing. If you’d prefer to set up a subscription and have each post delivered straight to your inbox, just click subscribe and sign up.

Whichever way you connect with us, we’d really love to hear your comments, opinions or contributions. As long as it’s decent, legal and relevant, comment is welcome.

Let’s go!

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