Zurich pension ads react to autumn weather

Zurich has a new digital out of home (DOOH) campaign with dynamic capabilities to expand its ‘Be Future Ready’ offer. Weather and temperature triggers were integrated into PML Group’s Liveposter platform with copy for different weather conditions. The copy changes when the temperature rises above 15 degrees, below 10 degrees or whether it is sunny or wet.

An anchor tagline of ‘You Can’t Plan For The Weather, But You Can Be Future Ready’ puts the message into context. PML account manager Keith Brennan said adapting the content dynamically delivers the key message in a distinctive way with Dynamic enabled campaigns seeing an average uplift of 40 per cent in message recall, Liveposter research indicates.

Planned and placed by PML and UM, the campaign comprises displays on roadside and retail digital screens. The creative, featuring wellies, sunglasses, ice-cream and hot chocolate, was by McCann Dublin. Classic formats include 48 sheets, 6 sheets, Metropoles, Commuter Squares and T-Sides host the futuristic scenario in Dublin’s Silicon Docks.

Strategic targeting placed the campaign near business parks and centres.


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