20 Questions with Orlaith Blaney, Ervia

Orlaith Blaney is chief communications and marketing officer at Ervia, the semi-state company which comprises the Irish Water, Gas Networks Ireland and Aurora companies. She worked in advertising with McCannBlue and has handled such brands as Coca-Cola, Heineken, SuperValu, Safefood, Bord Bia, Tayto, L’Oreal and Nestle.

01 When are you happiest?

A quiet Sunday afternoon in an Irish pub with my husband, anywhere in the West of Ireland, from the Laurels in Killarney to Stauntons in Mayo 

02 Apart from loved ones, what’s your most treasured possession?

My eldest brother bought me a beautiful solid silver spoon with a blue enamel handle as my ‘something blue’ when I got married. I framed it and it’s something I treasure

03 Your social media platform of choice?

@orlaithblaney on Twitter. On there since 2011, now have 5,036 followers. After this article, perhaps a few more

04 The worst job you’ve ever done?

Some 22 years ago, I worked on the launch of Goodfella’s pizza at Dimension. I had to dress up as a jovial mushroom on the St Patrick’s Day float for Green Isle giving out money-off coupons

05 What ambitions do you still have?

I am genuinely inspired by the work brilliant engineers and scientists do at Irish Water to ensure clean, safe drinking water for everyone in Ireland, 24/7, 365 days of the year

O6 Favourite writers?

Leaders Eat Last and the Story of Why by Simon Sinek. Keith Ferazzi’s Never Eat Alone and Patrick Lencioni’s so simple 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

07 A film you’d watch again tonight?

Manchester by the Sea or, if I’m totally honest, Dirty Dancing

08 What do some people think about you that isn’t true?

That I’m only 35 

09 What keeps you awake at night?

Nothing, I’m a brilliant sleeper. My husband says my tombstone will read: “Orlaith, she was great craic, when she was awake’’

10 Which words do you overuse?

Irish Water. I’m to be avoided at dinner parties

11 Favourite ad?

I worked with the excellent client Aileen Donoghue (now at FBD) on a poster for the Heineken Rugby World Cup. It still has a place on the wall in Toners. Every time I go in there, I smile. It was a great work

12 Favourite gadget?

I’m not big into gadgets. My iPhone, if that counts

13 A brand experience that disappointed you?

Funderland was shockingly bad and expensive

14 What living person do you most admire?

My husband Richard. He’s completely honest and so caring

15 Most embarrassing experience?

So many to choose from. Booking an Easter break and finding, 15 minutes from our arrival, that I’d booked the following weekend and there were no vacancies

16 Someone or something that strikes you as beautiful?

The Devil’s Glen in Wicklow

17 What would be your fantasy act of heroism?

Buying a few thousand immediate rapid build Huf Haus houses for Ireland’s homeless. We need a clever solution and fast

18 What would your younger self think of you today?  

That I need to slow down

19 If you had to rate your life so far, out of 10, what would you score?

With the luck I’ve had, a resounding 10

20 You’re on Death Row, what’s your last meal?

My mothers Christmas dinner; turkey and her magic stuffing, smoked ham, roast potatoes, bacon rolls, cranberry sauce and brussel sprouts, followed by the most stunning Christmas cake and a cup of decent coffee. Adds up to about 3,500 bad calories, but so worth it.

orlaith.blaney@ervia.ie/on Twitter at @orlaithblaney





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