20 Questions with Sarah Deeny

Sarah Deeny is client service director at In the Company of Huskies.  She first fell in love with advertising as an AE in O’Connor O’Sullivan and now has over 20 years’ experience in agencies such as Arks, Cawley Nea\TBWA and BBDO Dublin. Her clients down the years have included Guinness, Heinz, HSE, IDA and, more recently, Allianz Ireland and Londis. Her experience also includes client side stints at Brown Thomas, Nokia and Axa Insurance.

01 What was your earliest ambition?

Getting out of playing football with my brothers

02 It’s our round, what are you having?

A glass of red

03 Social media platform of choice?


04 A mentor or someone that inspired you?

Brian Swords at TBWA – the first proper strategic suit with whom I worked

05 If you could be born into another time and place, where and when would that be?

1960’s Haight Ashbury

06 Favourite writers?

Paul Auster, Isabelle Allende

07 A film you’d watch again tonight?

Cinema Paradiso

08 Is there an unsung hero you’d like to thank?

My grandfather, Dr James Deeny, who, as chief medical officer in the 1940’s, closed down the Beesborough House mother and child home when he witnessed the appalling conditions there

09 Something that no longer happens that you miss?

Saturday afternoons meeting school friends on Grafton Street, drinking coffee, chatting about boys, window shopping and getting the bus home in time for dinner

10 Desert Island pet, dog or cat?

Probably a cat, but I’m not too bothered

11 Favourite ad?

ESB ‘Coming Home’ from the ‘80’s gets me every time

12 Are you an early adopter? What’s new?

Not any more, I’m far too busy keeping up

13 A brand to which you feel some loyalty?


14 Someone you might be starstruck to meet?

Dolly Parton

15 Something that recently brought a tear to your eye?

My 10-year-old daughter’s self-belief

16 Something that recently got your goat?

Random homophobia from people who should know better

17 What would be your fantasy act of heroism?

Anything that involves saving a child

18 You’ve won the Euromillions and disappeared, where might we find you?

In my Eileen Gray-inspired home by the sea

19 Someone or something that strikes you as beautiful

My Eileen Gray-inspired home by the sea

20 ‘Here lies Sarah Deeny’. Complete your epitaph…

She lived fully



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