20 Questions with Stha Banks, Core

Stha Banks has worked across all aspects of digital advertising. Starting off as a digital client manager, she now works on social strategies and team operations. She mentors and serves on the Core diversity and inclusion (D&I) committee and represents the industry on the board of the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI).

01  What was your earliest ambition?

An athlete or a writer

02  It’s our round. What are you having?

Tanqueray gin and slimline tonic, thanks

03  Social media platform of choice?

Instagram and the TikToks circulated on reels. The irony

04  A mentor or someone that inspired you?

Brené Brown. The idea that vulnerability in the workplace can be normalised made me feel normal

05  If you could be born into another time and place, where and when would it be?

1920’s for the fashion but only in an equal world

06 Favourite writers?

I’m more into audio. Writer who have kept me balanced are Brené Brown, Emma Dabiri, David R Hawkins and Jay Shetty

07  A film you’d watch again tonight?

The Devil Wears Prada for Anne Hathaway’s humour and the dark side of fashion as depicted by Meryl Streep

08  Is there an unsung hero you’d like to thank?

My mum. It’s a long and winding story

09  Something that no longer happens that you miss?

The yearly extended family braai/barbecue

10 How physically fit are you?

Honestly, probably the least physically fit I have ever been right now. Winter in a pandemic happened

11  Favourite ad?

The Guinness Sapeurs ad set in Congo, for its energy of resilience and joy. It reminds me of my dad, even though he can’t dance like that

12  What do you find most irritating in other people?

Passive aggression

13  A brand to which you feel some loyalty?

Our coffee machine, a simple DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto from Currys. An everyday saviour

14  Someone you might be starstruck to meet?

I’d probably be starstruck to meet anyone with high clout let alone a real celebrity. If he were still alive, I’d have said Nelson Mandela

15  Something that recently brought a tear to your eye?

Every episode of This is Us

16  Something that recently got your goat?

The third lockdown

17  What would be your fantasy act of heroism? 

It’s simple. To have enough courage to rise above any challenges I perceive, mistakes I  make (I’ve made loads), courage to learn and be a beacon of hope for someone, somewhere. If I can be just a fraction of that hope, my life will be made

18 You’ve won the Euromillions and disappeared. Where might we find you?  

I’m already checked into the Four Seasons, Serengeti in Tanzania or visiting the red elephants in Kenya

19 Someone or something that strikes you as beautiful?

The ability to see beauty in everything

20  ‘Here lies Stha Banks’. Complete your epitaph…

“Just gone shopping”




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