3,000 ecommerce staff hired

Prosperity Ecommerce Study

A hiring trend study of Ireland’s top 15 ecommerce companies, 12 of which are multinationals and three of them Irish, shows a combined total of 3,000 hires in the last year, research by Prosperity Digital Recruitment indicates. Almost half of the hiring by multinationals is for client roles: account management, sales and other support duties. A requirement for most jobs is fluency in English and at least one other European language.

Multinationals normally insist applicants are educated to degree level. An interesting finding from the study is that most of the Irish hired have UCD degrees. Apart from a salary increase for more junior and entry level roles, salaries have largely stayed the same since 2011. The time to fill jobs has seen a notable increase in recent years, due to a lack of eligible candidates and a longer and more extensive interviewing process.

Irish employers are finding it hard to compete with the benefits of free food, gym, health insurance and social activities. Working for an international brand is a compelling proposition for most jobseekers, not only for the status, but also for the career advantage of having a top international brand on a jobseeker’s CV.

The survey’s full text and salary indicators can be viewed at http://www.prosperity.ie/survey_2013.html

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