McCann's gets obesity campaign

Safefood Stop the Spread 1

McCann Dublin has been appointed to handle the Safefgood childhood overweight and obesity campaign on the island of Ireland. The campaign is due for launch in late September. The brief requirements says that obesity prevention is an international public health priority and there is growing evidence of the impact of overweight and obesity on short-term and long-term health and well-being.

The campaign’s objective is to increase awareness among all parents of the health challenge posed by excess weight in childhood and helping them to recognise this problem if it affects their child. McCann’s Orlaith Blaney says research carried out by Safefood indicates a real challenge as more than half of parents of overweight primary school children thought their children’s weight was “about right for their height”.

Parents of teenagers were even less accurate in their judgement, as 75 percent of parents of overweight teenagers thought their teen’s weight was “fine”. Childhood overweight and obesity is a complex issue and and is vital to get the tone and style of the communication right to ensure parents pay attention and take action.’

McCann’s was appointed following a competitive process involving Safefood’s roster agencies.

Rothco and Language are the Safefood creative agencies.

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