Core says almost half of renters aged 35-54

A report by Core shows that of those renting in Ireland 46 per cent are aged between 35 and 54 and 55 per cent are couples with and without children, despite the wide assumption that renters are young single adults. The average renter’s age has been rising as the lack of purchasable properties keeps a growing generation renting, whether they wish to or not.

Only 23 per cent of mortgage holders are aged under 34, while 66 per cent of homeowners are aged over 55 years old. The report reveals that location trumps living space across all households in Ireland with 76 per cent of people happy with the area where they live. However, it is evident there is dissatisfaction with the quality of living spaces in comparison.

Nearly a third (30 per cent) of mortgage owners have revealed they do not want to stay in their current property long term and just 56 per cent of renters are satisfied with their home itself. The report shows that the Irish public now place a lot more value and importance on community, its amenities and surrounding areas in comparison to life before Covid-19.


A third of adults feel that the upkeep of public parks, a sense of community and the cleanliness of their town have improved in the last two years, while 64 per cent of renters and 82 per cent of home owners feel safe in their community. The report shows that 65 per cent of renters would recommend their area, while 45 per cent of renters like their home.


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