An Post runs ads on Bauer’s AudioMob

An Post is the first advertiser in Ireland to use Bauer Media’s AudioMob in game audio platform in a media first for the brand brokered by Mediaworks. The ads will only be served to users who have their volume on and above 30 per cent to maximise campaigns effectiveness. AudioMob was founded in 2020 by CEO Christian Facey and CTO Wilfrid Obeng.

AudioMob also collaborates with Oracle Moat to verify ad delivery metrics and fraudulent activity monitoring. It has  developed unique in game audio ad formats within mobile gaming apps. It allows ads to be inserted into mobile gaming apps without interrupting the end user’s gameplay, so brands can connect with audiences in a non-invasive manner.

Based on a YouGov and AudioMob whitepaper, research found that 75 per cent of mobile gamers preferred audio ads over video ads and the other 25 per cent were indifferent. There are now three billion mobile gamers globally and AudioMob claims to have access to over two million mobile gamers in Ireland, ensuring scale for its advertising partners.


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