Aoife Murphy to speak about advertising’s role

Boys+Girls executive strategy director Aoife Murphy is the guest speaker for this month’s Marketing Society Future Council interactive discussion on Zoom which will address the question should advertising be informative or entertaining? Both sides of the debate will be aired and guests will get to ask questions and debate the merits of branded entertainment.

The event provides a platform for young marketers to network virtually. The evening event will take place remotely and is open to a limited number of attendees. The Future Council provides thought leadership and networking opportunities through events and talks specifically created for marketing practitioners in the first five years of their careers.

A well as being executive strategy director at Boys+Girls, Murphy serves on the creative agency’s board. With over 12 years’ experience in Ireland and overseas, she has directed work for clients like Kellogg’s, Mars, Cadbury, Diageo, Samsung and Fitbit. Her belief in an integrated approach has resulted in several effectiveness awards including Adfx and Effies.


Murphy, a regular contributor to magazine, says the role of advertising is to bring attention to brands in order to make it more desirable, enact a response and/or promote sales. But should that be achieved in a way that’s informative or entertaining? Is advertising more successful when it speaks to the right, creative brain or the logical, left brain?

Which method is more effective at getting your audience’s attention and, more importantly, influencing their behaviour? Jay Reid, strategy director at Core and chair of the Future Council, said that while advertising has been entertaining audiences for many decades, branded entertainment as a concept has come to the fore again in recent times.

The virtual event will take place at 5.45pm on Wednesday, April 14. Tickets cost €10 and can be bought online at Eventbrite at a cost of €10 per ticket. Interested parties are urged to keep up to date on Future Council events on Instagram at @futurecouncil_ms.

To reserve a ticket, click here

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