ASAI to review zero alcohol guidelines

The promotion of non-alcoholic drinks is to be investigated with the announcement by the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland that it is to conduct a reviews following a number of complaints. The ASAI, a not statutory body, said it plans to publish updated guidelines in relation to the advertising of so-called 0.0 per cent alcohol products.

Previous guidelines, published in 2019, asked advertisers to make it clear that the nature of the product is non-alcoholic, that advertising close to schools must be avoided and advertising should not appeal to minors in either placement or content. It further states that all marketing should be clearly aimed at people aged 18 and over.

ASAI chief executive Orla Twomey said the authority was aware of the increased level of conversation and consumer concern regarding marketing communications and the advertising of non-alcohol product variants. The impending review could lead to either updated industry guidance on the code or a change in the code itself.

The code is voluntary but advertisers are expected to abide by it.

As part of the review, the authority will assess similar guidance and regulation regarding zero-zero alcohol advertising and marketing communications currently in place throughout the EU. The review will be conducted to ensure the ASAI is providing up-to date guidance on all areas of advertising and marketing relating to non-alcohol product variants.

Pictured above: Anna Geary fronting a promotion for Heineken 0.0 

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