Barry’s Tea ad still on track after 25 years

Barry’s Tea iconic Christmas radio ad, Train Set, airs for the 25th year in a row this month, making it the longest-running ad in Irish advertising history. The 1994 ad was created by Ireland’s most celebrated copywriter Catherine Donnelly (above) during her time working with Irish International (now BBDO Dublin) and voiced by actor Peter Caffrey.

Train Set tells tells the story of Martin, a father who remembers the joy of Christmas when he was a child. While at Avondale, Paddy Gibbons created the ad’s soundscape, inviting radio listeners to engage and imagine the story. At a time when radio ads were 30 seconds or one minute long, Train Set did a marathon by running to 90 seconds.

For many people, the ad is a heart-warming signifier that Christmas has arrived. Camille O’Flanagan, marketing director, Barry Tea’s, said the ad is a reminder that despite all the changes we experience in life, a lot stays the same. Train Set will air from December 7-14 on RTE Radio 1, 2FM, Lyric, Today FM, Newstalk and some local stations.

To listen to Train Set, click HERE

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