Binet talk moves to Marker

Les Binet, Adam & Eve DDB

Due to the level of demand, the IAPI talk by international advertising effectiveness expert Les Binet next Tuesday has been moved from Google’s offices on Barrrow Street to the nearby Marker hotel. Binet of Adam & Eve DDB will present key findings from The Long and the Short Of It, the econometric analysis he conducted with Peter Field in terms of advertising factors, underlying short term and long term profitability effects.

The analysis is based on IPA data from 996 campaigns spanning 30 years, with over 700 brands in 83 categories. It builds on Binet’s previous analysis, Marketing in an Era of Accountability. The findings include the relevance of loyalty branding and loyalty programs (does it pay to target existing users or new users over time?); the difference and compromises between long-term and short term business and profitability effects and the trade-offs between rational ‘new news’ campaigns and longer emotional campaigns.

Other issues explored include the best balance in terms of both campaign focus (between brand and activation) and channel choice (between broad and targeted media); the danger of pre-testing which focuses too much on rational persuasion metrics; the positive relationship between creative awards and long terms business effects and the importance of media investment levels to grow and sustain pricing and profitability.

IAPI has invited April Redmond, chief marketing officer, Kerry Foods and John Davey, manager market planning, Diageo Ireland, to challenge Binet and debate his findings. Delegates are asked to look at the barriers, implications and next steps which people feel arise from the analysis and findings. The event, which is scheduled to run from 10am-11.30am, will be chaired by strategic planner Karen Hand.

Owens DDB is co-sponsoring the talk.

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