Blaney says IAPI effectiveness awards vital to adland

Orlaith Blaney, McCannBlue

Carefully devised metrics help prove what advertising investment can achieve and because advertisers regard measurability as being essential Adfx is the industry’s most important awards show, IAPI president and McCannBlue chief executive Orlaith Blaney has said. Speaking to Marketing/tv, Blaney says Adfx, which will be presented in September, plays a vital role in highlighting how advertising contributes to business success.

Blaney says advertising has suffered hugely from the recession. It has been under the microscope in recent years with calls for alcohol advertising and sponsorship to be banned and groups pointing an accusatory finger at the influence ads play on rising obesity rates. In the interview, Blaney speaks about how more young talent needs to be attracted to adland if the industry is not to lose them to the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Blaney talks about the wider role of social media and how brand owners manage its impact 24/7, Irish consumers “sensitivity” to local work, the increasing role of women in Irish advertising, the value of research and how generating insight can help create a nugget of inspiration that translates into a great ad.

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