Boots extends its support for Daffodil Day

Boots Ireland has agreed a five-year deal to back the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) by becoming the lead sponsor of Daffodil Day. The sponsorship is part of a five-year agreement between Boots Ireland and the Irish Cancer Society. The event has helped increase awareness of cancer, promote prevention and support people living with cancer all around Ireland.

Since the partnership began, Boots has trained 129 pharmacists to be Boots ICS information pharmacists to support and advise people. The pharmacist is accessible to patients, families and carers, who can call into a Boots store and speak privately about cancer-related issues. Boots Ireland has also trained 130 Boots cancer beauty advisors.

These advisors help people living with cancer to both feel and look better. Boots stores regularly host cancer nurse information stands. Fundraising activities take place during the year in the 86 Boots stores nationwide to raise money for the society’s night nurse service. Boots staff and customers have raised over €1.2 million to fund the service.

The money raised equates to over 3,468 nights of nursing care for families. On March 23, all Boots stores will sell Daffodil Day materials. Selected stores will also act as a point of contact for the distribution of Daffodil Day materials in the local community. The society relies on donations and sponsorship to raise 98 per cent of income. 

Pictured above are Martha Ryan, Boots, Averil Power, ICS and Bernadette Lavery, Boots 

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