Boys+Girls gets festive with Littlewoods

Boys+Girls have created their first Christmas campaign for Littlewoods Ireland. The online retailer wanted to deliver a message that in life, love is the greatest gift you can share. With this in mind, the agency created a narrative-driven story about the true meaning of Christmas with a loving relationship between a hardworking mum and her young daughter, Ava.

Mam does her Christmas shopping with Littlewoods and buys herself a luxury pink lipstick as a treat. Ava watches as her mum applies the lipstick, sparking an idea. Ava gets busy preparing her surprise for her mum, an imaginatively packaged piece of paper with a pink lipstick kiss mark on it. It’s a touching moment as the little girl shows her love for her mother.

Sweet Media was the production company with John Hayes as director. Lucy Van Lonkhuyzen, the production designer from Normal People, worked on the project. The media and digital campaign encompasses a 60′ hero film and 30′ for TV and social along with a 10′ cut-down for VOD and YouTube alongside social media, email and onsite activations.

Watch the TV ad at





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