Brands home in on getting closer to consumers

As governments around the world try to convince people to stay home to curb the spread of the Covid-19  coronavirus virus, brands are reacting with new and appropriate messages. Banana brand Chiquita posted a new version of its logo on Instagram but without its iconic mascot, Miss Chiquita. The caption explained that she was “already home”.

Chiquita asked followers to “do the same and protect yourself.”

Coca-Cola ran an ad in New York’s Time Square urging people to practise social distancing. On a red background featuring the Coca-Coca logo with the letters spread out, the ad read, ‘Staying apart is the best way to stay united’. Cough medicine brand Mucinex created a series of ads with facts about the virus in a bid to tackle misinformation.

The campaign encourages people to stay at least six feet away from others, debunks a myth that the virus is affected by the weather, promotes handwashing and urges people to stop touching their faces. Each ad directs people to, a website run by the World Health Organization (WHO), Johns Hopkins and international experts.

McDonald’s logo showed space between its famous arches with the statement ‘Separated for a moment so that we can always be together’. New MLS team Inter Miami changed its logo by moving its two white herons, usually side by side, a distance apart. These campaigns are part of a trend among brands looking for new messaging during the pandemic.

Fireball Whisky launched the world’s biggest tip jar to support bar staff who lost their jobs.


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