Life Style Sports sees a run on women’s leggings

Following the closure of its stores to prevent further spread of Covid-19 coronavirus, Life Style Sports is focusing on online sales. While the company’s efforts may not fully rescue the loss of sales during this hugely difficult trading environment, it highlights the importance of operating a balanced omni-channel retailing model using the role of online.

With store sales flat-lined since closing, the company says online traffic has increased by half.

The most popular items so far are women’s leisure wear, with leggings accounting for almost 40 per cent of all sales. Other popular purchases include running and training apparel, yoga mats and footballs. Trainers remain a popular purchase with online shoppers having similar technology and style preferences to bricks-and-mortar shoppers.

New shopping behaviours

On reviewing the Covid-19 trends, Life Style Sports has seen peak shopping times move from the traditional time of 7-10pm to a more sustained shopping time – indicating that ‘post work shopping’ has now become ‘all day shopping’. People tend to be choosing to shop, exercise and keep fit, while practising social distancing and working from home.

To support customers and fight the spread of Covid-19, the retailer has modified its existing, home delivery service to allow more flexibility and ease for customers with a next day delivery service. It has also implemented safety precautions for its delivery teams ensuring social distancing measures are enforced during the course of the pandemic.


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