Brendan O'Connor hosts new chat show

Sunday Independent columnist Brendan O’Connor is to present a new Saturday night chat show on RTE One called The Saturday Night Show as part of 11 new programmes announced by the national broadcaster.

Barry Murphy will host a new satirical show called That’s All We Have Time For on Thursday nights. Murphy, who is part of the Apres Match team, will be joined by team captains Mario Rosenstock and Kevin Myers.

Anna Nolan is the subject of a Would You Believe? special called O Sister, Where Art Thou? and Charlie Bird, currently RTE’s US correspondent, hosts a two-part series, Charlie Bird’s American Year.

Two new comedies are part of the new schedule – Katherine Lynch’s Single Ladies and Your Bad Self, a sketch-base series with Amy Huberman, Michael McElhatton, Peter McDonald and Hugh O’Conor.

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