Odds favour McDonald's placements

As speculation mounts that the UK government are close to lifting the ban on product placement in commercial TV shows top bookie Paddy Power are taking bets on which fast food, soft drinks and alcohol brands will be first to make an appearance in a leading British soap opera.

Paddy Power has made McDonald’s the 2/1 favourite to be the first fast food brand to appear in EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale or Hollyoaks. Burger King is a close second favourite at odds of 9/4, followed by Subway at 5/1 and Pizza Hut at 6/1.

In the alcohol category, both Carling and Guinness have been installed as 3/1 joint-favourites with Stella next in line at odds of 4/1. Finally, and probably unsurprisingly, Coca-Cola lead the soft drinks category at odds of 7/4 followed by their main rival Pepsi at 3/1.

Fast food chain
2/1   McDonald’s
9/4   Burger King
5/1   Subway
6/1   Pizza Hut
8/1   KFC
16/1 Nandos

3/1   Carling
3/1   Guinness
4/1   Stella Artois
5/1   Heineken
8/1   Budweiser
10/1  Becks
12/1  Coors

Soft drink
7/4   Coca-Cola
3/1   Pepsi
8/1   Fanta
8/1   Volvic
10/1  Sprite
10/1  Dr Pepper
12/1  7Up

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