Call made for marketer responses to salary study

Marketing recruitment specialists Alternatives remind marketers to complete entries for the annual salary and sentiment survey conducted in association with the Marketing Institute. The survey, now in its sixth year, is a key reference for marketing and digital professionals for salary and benefits benchmarking and a barometer for sentiment and engagement.

In last year’s survey, market sentiment was deemed positive, but many sectors expected a negative impact from Brexit. Asked how marketing and its role within a company is viewed, two thirds said it was perceived as a strategic, revenue generating partner.

Alternatives founder Sandra Lawler (above) said that respondents were well rewarded overall, ranging from support level at an average of €30,000 base salary to directors averaging €123,000. Some 61 per cent of respondents had a salary increase in the previous year.

The survey highlighted ongoing gender based differentials, with male respondents in general paid more for the same roles than their female counterparts at almost all levels and with better non-salary benefits. They also felt more secure and were more engaged.

This year’s survey will continue to track this data and results will be shared with participants.

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