Aussie copywriter takes Young Shark

The Shark Awards Kinsale have announced the winner of this year’s Young Shark competition. Lewis Aramayo (above), a copywriter from Ogilvy Sydney, came out top in the contest for young creatives under 26 with his social media campaign, ‘A Shark is Following You’. The brief was to create a clever social media-based piece to promote the creative festival.

Entrants were advised that the winning idea could not be a print ad simply placed online, or a TV script placed on social channels, and that it should be a bespoke piece that would work in a non-traditional online media format. Aramayo’s winning idea is to create an Instagram page with the handle ‘@a_shark’ enabling it to follow up-and-coming creative talent.

Using LinkedIn, the idea follows copywriters and art directors from around the world, and sends them a direct message: ‘The Kinsale Shark knows fresh blood when it smells it. That’s why you’ve been followed. Visit the Kinsale Shark Awards from 18-21 September 2019, and plunge into an ocean of world class ideas.’ Lewis wins a trip to the festival in September.

His prize includes flights, accommodation, Festival pass and a dinner with the jurors. Rothco art director and jurist Shay Madden said: “I think I’ve now seen every shark-related pun there is and it was great to see so many entries come in from around the world. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest … and Lewis’s one is a brilliant example.”

Madden said special mention must go to Mihir Padia and Maryann Rodrigues, a team from Mumbai, India for their ‘Play with Sharks’ idea. Aramayo said winning a trip to the Sharks was a huge feather in the cap. “It’s not every day you get to rub shoulders with the best creatives in the biz, gain valuable career experience and drink pints of Guinness,” he added.

This year’s deadline for Shark entries is August 30.

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Entrants from Australia receive a 30 per cent discount when submitting three entries. is the Sharks media partner

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