Celebrities talk sex on TV3

Celebrity Apprentice

Following on from last week’s surprise double elimination, the cast of Celebrity Apprentice on TV3 get hot and heavy in this week’s task. Durex Ireland sets tonight’s task week and it revolves around their new product, Durex Embrace. Making sure not to spare the contestants any blushes, Embrace is made up of two sensual pleasure gels crafted with couples in mind. The teams have two days to come up with a publicity launch.

Team Athena consists of Daniella Moyes, Edele Lynch and Mikey Graham, while Team Iconic is Nick Leeson, Frances Black and Amanda Brunker. Lynch is project manager for Team Athena but she feels Graham doesn’t like taking orders from a woman. He soon quietens down when Lynch and Moyes try out the tingling gels.

Team Iconic’s Black and Brunker are once again at loggerheads as they disagree about the product’s target market. Leeson seems out of his depth with the fiery females. Celebrity Apprentice airs at 9pm tonight on TV3 and is followed by a new series of Celebrity Apprentice You’re Fired! To join the conversation on Twitter, use the hash tag #CelebApprentice and follow the Celebrity Apprentice Twitter page on @TV3Apprentice.

The series is produced for TV3 by Larry Bass’s Screentime ShinAwil and sponsored by Hyundai.

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