Chemistry crew shave and dye

Ray Sheerin, Chemistry

Chemistry produced this year’s Shave or Dye campaign for the agency’s new client, Today FM. The campaign is to raise funds for another new client, the Irish Cancer Society. It’s for a great cause: there are very few people who don’t know someone who has or has had cancer. Agency managing director Ray Sheerin (above) says the disease has touched a few people in Chemistry directly and, thankfully, they have lived to tell the tale.

The campaign idea is “Headhunters” – we ask people to ‘donate their heads’ to raise funds.

And Chemistry thought it only fair for them to donate their own heads too.

So, Chemistry staff have shaved or dyed.

If you’re in a position to donate, please do so here. (If not, have a laugh at their expense by checking out the photographic evidence here).

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