Chill warms to odd birds for new TV ad

Irish home and motor insurer Chill has launched a new ad campaign, the first round of work by recently-appointed creative agency BBDO Dublin. ‘Growing up, not growing old’ is the inspiration for the new ad. The online insurance broker celebrates its 15th birthday this year and has decided to mark the occasion with its biggest ever TV advertising campaign.

The multi-million consumer campaign will see a combination of a 30-second commercial and 10-second shorts broadcast on channels such as RTÉ, Virgin Media, Channel Four and Sky networks including video on demand (VoD). The ads will be aired during major events in the coming weeks, including the Guinness Six Nations and Dancing with the Stars.


The cross-platform campaign which will initially launch on TV but run across social, digital, and print, stars an unlikely creature, the  blue-footed booby. These Galapagos Islands birds perform an elaborate dance to woo their partner, but in the ad, that dance becomes a metaphor for the ritual that customers go through to shop for an insurance policy.

The ad’s animation director Simon Burke worked on visuals for The Lion King. Fergal Lynch, head of marketing, Chill, said the new logo still encompasses the purple and green that has become synonymous with the brand, but with a reformat and change of font. Founded in 2007, Chill searches and compares different providers to help get the best quotes and deals.

Watch the TV ad at

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