Commercials crew unites for Covid-19

Once the Covid-19 crisis hit the Irish commercials production sector like a bullet train, Andrew Freedman of Antidote and Paul Holmes of Red Rage had a chat about what they could do. They decided to get together Irish commercials directors from Commercials Producers Ireland (CPI) member companies to make a film to inspire hope.

CPI represents 21 small Irish businesses in producing commercials.

Freedman was anxious they they do something together that would be of some help to the country. The brief was founded in Irish poetry and literature and the resulting film, made entirely by remote working over 10 days, combines artistic and creative flair with a timely message that we people pull each other through this difficult time and emerge stronger.

‘Closer Together’ features original music from Irish composer Denis Kilty. Paul Holmes feels that by making this film with over 20 Irish directors from CPI member companies, they are bringing a sector of industry together to shine a small light of hope for the Irish people. “We want this film to bring some good to those who watch it,” Holmes added.

Those involved in the film include Andrew Baird, Lena Beug, Jon Hozier Byrne, Seán Clancy, DADDY, Jamie Delaney, Paul Donnellan, Ciaran Dooley, Brian Durnin, Gavin Fitzgerald, James Fitzgerald, Leon Forestal, Shane Griffin, Grizzly, Manus Goan, Keith Hutchinson, Johnny Kelly, Colum Maguire, Hugh O’Connor, Brian O’Malley, Stevie Russell, Natasha Waugh.

The editor was Stephen O’Connell and David Cowzer was the copywriter.

Gavin O’Connor was the voiceover and Matt Branton the colourist.

Windmill Lane’s Shayne Murphy handled the online post production.

HERE is a Vimeo Link


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