Core finds people happy to dine outdoors

The latest monthly research by Core shows that 67 per cent of Irish people are confident about dining outdoors this summer as levels of concern about Covid-19 reach a new low last seen around this time last year. The report shows that just 29 per cent of adults would be confident to travel in July, while 30 per cent would be happy to attend a music gig.

The report shows that twice as many people have visited a book shop compared to last year and one in two people plan to go to the cinema in July. The vaccine roll-out has led to 62 per cent of adults being optimistic Ireland can overcome the situation, while just 27 per cent remain unsure. Since retail re-opened, more people have visited shops than last June.

Clothing and shoe shops have been the most popular, with 55 per cent saying they visited since re-opening, compared to 30 per cent in last summer’s re-opening. One in two people visited a DIY shop, 43 per cent a garden centre, 38 per cent a home/furniture store and 28 per cent an electronic/phone shop. Visits to book shops were up from nine per cent to 22 per cent.


Just over one in three people have attended an outdoor gathering in May or June and 67 per cent are confident to dine outdoors by August. However, this optimism does not extend to international travel as less adults this month (29 per cent), compared to June 2020 (33 per cent), are confident to travel overseas in July. The research was conducted in early June.




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