Deadline for An Post Direct Challenge extended

With the spread of the Covid-19 virus, recent weeks have brought upheaval on an extraordinary scale. Everyone is trying to come to terms with spending a lot more time indoors. While it is right that so many sporting and cultural events have been cancelled or postponed, it means there are fewer distractions to help people take their minds off things.

So An Post and IAPI have decided that the Direct Challenge 2020 will still go ahead. With so many people in marketing and advertising working from home, it is good to have a creative project the industry can focus on to help stave off the cabin fever. The competition rules have been relaxed this year to make it easier for people to take part.

Submissions will now be accepted digitally, so teams won’t need to enter a physical mock-up of their direct mail pieces. You can upload your finished piece to when the time comes. The organisers have extended the deadline to Thursday, May 14, allowing everyone a bit more time to get their thoughts together.

Finally, the grand prize remains an inspiring week at the 2020 Cannes Lions Festival, now rescheduled to take place in October. Charley Stoney, chief executive, IAPI, says that for anyone thinking of applying this year now they are getting used to brainstorming remotely the creativity can come to life and eventually adland will get to salute the winners.

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If you have any questions, drop a line to MAIL.MEDIA@ANPOST.IE

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