IRS+ goes with new ‘Local is Loud!’ message

‘Local is Loud!’ That is the new positioning for local radio evangelists at IRS+. It is a message that has never been more powerful than the current health crisis Ireland and the rest of the world is experiencing. When issues of concern affect the nation – whether it be the weather, politics or health events – local radio is “always on” as a trusted information source.

IRS+ chief executive Peter Smyth, above, says that over the next 12 months his sales house will work with media agencies and brands to build stronger connections with local communities as they harness the potential of a platform with a daily listenership of 1.2 million and multiplies its effectiveness when combined with experiential and digital activity.

A recent campaign with Lidl illustrates Smyth’s point HERE

IRS+ works on behalf  of 15 independent local radio stations around the country. The company provides   creative radio ads, sponsorship and promotions to agencies and brand owners. With €10 million in annual billings, 2020 sees the agency roll out several new developments aimed at enhance its role in the media marketplace:

1. Ignite

IRS+ has introduced a new product suite titled Ignite, a collection of four off-the-shelf ready to activate radio products designed to promote brands in local communities throughout the country. The packages are titled Boost, Local Feed, Spotlight and Breakthrough. They are designed to support every type of marketing campaign around the strengths of the combined local radio network – namely trust, affinity, unique audience and value.

Spotlight offers brands deliver radio messages in four ways: education – change consumer behaviour or understanding; community – provide valuable community information and service; corporate social responsibility (CSR) – inform on environmental, social and sustainable issues and expertise – share expert knowledge locally.

2. New head of brand development

Nicola Murphy (pictured) is now head of brand development at IRS+. With more than 15 years’ experience, the former Virgin Media business senior marketing manager will be responsible for brand and communications strategy while contributing to business growth.

3. New website

The new IRS+ site espouses the ‘Local Is Loud’ philosophy by outlining the work done by IRS+ and the various products and services it provides for local radio in Ireland provides. Nicola Murphy, head of brand development, IRS+, says the audio landscape has changed hugely in recent years with the arrival  of streamed services and podcasts.

Murphy says the new audio landscape is littered with choice and means that brands and agencies need to rethink how they engage with and win the attention of target audiences.


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